Cleaning Up the System

xiaoxiao2024-04-03  26

[size=large] We are all want safety food to eat,we have to trust a lot of people for our food to make it safely all the way from the cow's feed to the cereal now. Last Friday, one of the highest officials—the ministry of health and agriculture, lose his job, because the lack of supervision the food safety. Our country has arrested a lot of farmers, middlemen, and dairy company executives, accusing them of violating the public trust,one of the biggest example, is the SanLu milk company using a toxic chemical as a filler to save money. And SanLu company was forced to bankruptcy, and two executives was sentenced to death because of the lack of supervising. At the same time, our country is established some policy about the food safety, for example, famous person who endorsement the food is unsafely, is also be punished. Because our mind is always be affected by some famous person. Last September, two high ranking offcials in the city of Shijiazhuang, where Sanlu was based, were dismissed or stepped down. A lot of evidence shows up, our country have take more careful about our country's food safety.Cleaning Up the System.Thank God that the government has removed some of those money-preferring people. This is a good sign for the future. Next group to clean up: ticket sellers. [/size]