aapt 工具( Android Asset Packaging Tool )

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aapt (Android Asset Packaging Tool)包含在SDK tools/ 目录. 使用这个工具可创建,增删,查看ZIP兼容格式(zip,jar,apk)的文件,还可以编译资源成二进制资源包. [code] Usage: aapt l[ist] [-v] [-a] file.{zip,jar,apk} List contents of Zip-compatible archive. aapt d[ump] WHAT file.{apk} [asset [asset ...]] permissions Print the permissions from the APK. resources Print the resource table from the APK. configurations Print the configurations in the APK. xmltree Print the compiled xmls in the given assets. xmlstrings Print the strings of the given compiled xml assets. aapt p[ackage] [-f][-u][-m][-v][-x][-M AndroidManifest.xml] \ [-I base-package [-I base-package ...]] \ [-A asset-source-dir] [-P public-definitions-file] \ [-S resource-sources] [-F apk-file] [-J R-file-dir] \ [raw-files-dir [raw-files-dir] ...] Package the android resources. It will read assets and resources that are supplied with the -M -A -S or raw-files-dir arguments. The -J -P -F and -R options control which files are output. aapt r[emove] [-v] file.{zip,jar,apk} file1 [file2 ...] Delete specified files from Zip-compatible archive. aapt a[dd] [-v] file.{zip,jar,apk} file1 [file2 ...] Add specified files to Zip-compatible archive. aapt v[ersion] Print program version. Modifiers: -a print Android-specific data (resources, manifest) when listing -c specify which configurations to include. The default is all configurations. The value of the parameter should be a comma separated list of configuration values. Locales should be specified as either a language or language-region pair. Some examples: en port,en port,land,en_US If you put the special locale, zz_ZZ on the list, it will perform pseudolocalization on the default locale, modifying all of the strings so you can look for strings that missed the internationalization process. For example: port,land,zz_ZZ -d one or more device assets to include, separated by commas -f force overwrite of existing files -j specify a jar or zip file containing classes to include -m make package directories under location specified by -J -u update existing packages (add new, replace older, remove deleted files) -v verbose output -x create extending (non-application) resource IDs -z require localization of resource attributes marked with localization="suggested" -A additional directory in which to find raw asset files -F specify the apk file to output -I add an existing package to base include set -J specify where to output R.java resource constant definitions -M specify full path to AndroidManifest.xml to include in zip -P specify where to output public resource definitions -S directory in which to find resources -0 don't compress files we're adding [/code] 相关资源:Android aapt自动打包工具详细介绍
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