What is networking?

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Networks are a collection of computers that are connected together with wires and wireless signals. These connected computers send and receive data and instructions to each other. The data and instructions that are sent across a network are more than just what you see when you type on your keyboard or click on a website link. They happen in the background so that the computers know how to act in all sorts of situations.


Imagine that networks are the electronic versions of all the post offices around the world. If you want to send a package to somebody, you put the correct addresses and postage on it and drop it at the post office. Then the post office clerk puts special symbols on the package. Those symbols help all the other post office employees know what to do with that package when it comes to them. Networks do the same thing, but they do it with computers instead of physical locations.


Networking can be defined as the act of:


setting up new networks (usually by installing computers and cables).


sending information back and forth across one or more networks.


Networking allows computer users to share data and interact with each other, even though they are using two different computers. People can network with each other anywhere; they can use networking while they are in the same room, or they can use networking while they are each in two different countries/regions.



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