Prepare the process definition

xiaoxiao2021-03-01  9

Lesson1: Minor preparation you may forget it

Before you start the project, define the policy, verion control, convention, format, folder structure, you can save the cost in future.

e.g. The file name convention, with version number? no space? use underscore or not?

Make sure share and release it for your teammates.

Lesson2: People attrition

In each stage, you need to consider the risk for the people attrition, exspecially at the end of the year, after release the yearly bonus.

e.g. My old company(CTI) lost 4 VIP at this end of year, I can not image how can they handle this tough challenge.

Business analyst story

Just found ThoughWork init the company at China. The job Business Analyst is very attractive for me. Here drop some notes for the conversation with the PM at Finance filed.

Gun: It's the interface between client and tech team. Gather the requirment, dip the correct requirement is very hard. Catch the key person. Arrange the activity with the client. Always work on the client side. Got the industry background.

 Work as the new bie in the company, then to be the core member of the team. Find the customer, provide the solution. Always over time working.

It's the challenge to communicate different people. Always thinking how to handle the people, even in the bed, it still consider which stragegy will be used in the next day's meeting. You are always facing different people. It has the relationship with the tech, but it's not very important for the business analysis.


To be the business analyst is another challenge for me. May be after I get more project management experience, I will do this.

Cause it can give another side challenge and improve my life experience.