Install Debian Etch

xiaoxiao2021-03-01  8

Today I have successfully installed Debian Etch RC1. Here is my process:

1. Download Debian Etch RC1 ISO image. I choose CD-ISO and burned to CD-R.

2. Boot computer using Debian Installer CD, and install base system only.

3. Preparation of compiling kernel: First download latest linuxkernel. I choose 2.6.20 stable from:

/usr/src/# wget

and uncompressed: tar jxvf linux-2.6.20.tar.bz2

and make a link: /usr/src/# ln -s linux-2.6.20 linux

install pakages needed: kernel-package, ncurses-dev, fakeroot, initrd-tools, module-init-tools, procps, make-kpkg

4. Compile the kernel under /usr/src/linux/:

#make menu-config

#make-kpkg clean

#fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image modules_image

5. Install new kernel under /usr/src/:

dpkg -i xxx.deb

if you do NOT using "--initrd" argument in kernel compile, then you must make initrd manually:

/boot # mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd.img-2.6.20 2.6.20

and modify /boot/grub/menu.lst according to exist items.

6. Reboot and continue to install desktop:

apt-get install x-window-system gnome

7. Install other needed package and customize gnome.