238. Product of Array Except Self

xiaoxiao2021-03-01  18

Given an array of n integers where n > 1, nums, return an array output such that output[i] is equal to the product of all the elements of nums except nums[i].

Solve it without division and in O(n).

For example, given [1,2,3,4], return [24,12,8,6].

Follow up:Could you solve it with constant space complexity? (Note: The output array does not count as extra space for the purpose of space complexity analysis.)

class Solution {     public int[] productExceptSelf(int[] nums) {         int[] result = new int[nums.length];         for(int i=0,tmp=1;i<nums.length;i++){             result[i] = tmp;             tmp *= nums[i];         }         for(int i=nums.length-1,tmp=1;i>=0;i--){             result[i] *= tmp;             tmp *= nums[i];         }         return result;     } }
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