Ripple Donates $50 Million to University, Blockchain Focus on Future Development

xiaoxiao2021-02-28  4

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, its competition is becoming more and more fierce. But for a blockchian projiect, it will have no competitiveness if it is not innovative. This is why most blockchain projects in the world rise fast and die soon. And the average life expectancy of them is only 1.22 years.

 In this case, it is very important and urgent to focus on the blockchain innovation and make some efforts. The good news is Ripple has taken some actions first. Although there were continuous positive ripple coin news have been reported, I think this piece of news is the most exciting one, as it can lead other blockchain projects to focus on the innovation and development of blockchain in the future.

 Ripple announced their University Blockchain Research Project (UBRI) this Monday. It donated $50 million to 17 universities (including Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley and some else famous university around the world) to support blockchain and cryptocurrency education or research.

 In this project, Ripple will provide technical resources and expertise for these partner universities, allowing them to work with Ripple to study the blockchain technology and the development of courses based on blockchain and encryption technology. And these partner universities will design courses focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency; The purpose of this project is to encourage students to pursue research and innovation in distributed ledger technology.

 Earlier this spring, Ripple also donated $290,000 worth of XRP funds through the DonorsChoose Foundation to support public schools. All of these actions of Ripple show that it is very concerned about the future development and innovation of blockchain technology. And I think it is very meaningful for the development of blcokchain in the future. In addition, it will bring ripple the good reputation, you may say it will be better if it can have good influence on ripple price, I hope so.

 In fact, in addition to ripple, more and more blockchain projects are beginning to realize the importance of blockchian’s future innovation, such as Qtum, it’s token is qtum coin. The Qtum founder, Shuai Chu, exchanged ideas with young people on-site at the 2018 APEC Future Voices Youth Innovation Forum, focusing on how young people can better reach the international arena and the future development of the blockchain. He also said: "Young people must have a mentality of embracing changes, constantly improve their language level, have a strong curiosity, are willing to explore the world, and adhere to the correct value orientation."