qdaemon not running after system boot AIX 5.2

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qdaemon Command


Schedules jobs enqueued by the enq command.




The qdaemon command is a background process (usually started by the startsrc command) that schedules printing jobs enqueued by the enq command.

Recommendation To edit the /etc/qconfig file, use the chque, mkque, rmque, chquedev, mkquedev, and rmquedev commands or SMIT. Further, it is recommended to run these commands during slow or off-peak time. If manual editing of the /etc/qconfig file is necessary, you can first issue the enq -G command to bring the queuing system and the qdaemon to a halt after all jobs are processed. Then you can edit the /etc/qconfig file and restart the qdaemon with the new configuration.


Privilege Control: Only the root user and members of the printq group should have execute (x) access to this command.

Auditing EventInformationENQUE_execQueue name, job name, host name, file name, user name


ItemDescription/usr/sbin/qdaemonContains the qdaemon daemon./var/spool/lpd/qdir/*Contains the job description files./var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/fullmsgContains a flag file whose existence activates qdaemon messages to contain complete information./var/spool/lpd/stat/*Contains information on the status of the devices./var/spool/qdaemon/*Contains the temporary copies of enqueued files./etc/qconfigContains the configuration file./etc/qconfig.binContains the digested, binary version of the /etc/qconfig file.

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